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This plugin is an upgrade of preview version 2.2 release that you can find on
Now, you can donwload this plugin in a .tar.gz format with compress version, uncompress version ad Jcrop folder.

Advanced Image Editing Plugin for Textpattern

This plugin introduced advanced image editing functionality to Textpattern 4.07 and has now been updated to work nicely with the Hive theme of Textpattern 4.6. Users may now custom crop, resize, rotate, and create custom thumbnails directly within Textpattern.

Table of contents

  1. List of features
  2. Plugin requirements
  3. Installation
  4. Usage Instructions

List of features

p.This plugin allows for functions previously only available in image-editing programins. It allows for users, at any terminal which they’re logged in to to do the following:

  • Cropping: The original uploaded image can be edited to cut out parts that are not desired and keep only those important facets of the original image.
  • Thumbnail Crop: Make a thumbnail show not the entire image, but just enough to pique interest.
  • Rotate: For those pictures that are sideways or upside down. Users may rotate the image clockwise90°, counterclockwise90° or rotate a full 18090°.
  • Resize: Many digital images are just too large to be shown on the web. This option allows for excessively sized images to be scaled down. Built into the resizing function is the ability to maintain the original height to width ratio, so images will never seem squished one way or the other.
  • Image Backups: New for 2.0 is the feature to save an original copy of the the image to a temp folder so that you may restore it at any time. The image must first be saved by clicking on backup, and then may be restored at any time.

Plugin requirements

ebl_image_edit 2.3 minimum requirements:

  • Textpattern 4.5
  • Jquery > 1.7.2
  • JCrop


The general behavior stands: paste plugin code to the plugin installer textarea and run the automatic setup. Then just activate the plugin and you are ready to use new tags that plugin includes like others.

Upload Jcrop folder to the Textpattern directory (e.g., /textpattern/ )

p.Once the plugin has been activated, navigate to Plugins -> EBL Image Edit -> Options. The temp folder and db field will be created. The plugin will be ready for use at this point.

Usage Instructions

Further help can be found online in the textpattern forum topic: Ebl Image Edit

  • Crop: This tab permits the cropping of images. Click and drag across the image to select the crop area. While selecting the crop region, the size of the crop area willbe displayed in as Width X Height. This is measured in pixels. You’ll note that the area outside of the crop region is dark, whereas the area inside is lighter. This is the intended effect. Everything within the crop area will be selected and will replace the original image once the *Crop Original button is clicked.
    • Predefined size: This drop-down box allows the user to select pre-defined crop area selections. They may be moved around anywhere on the image. If needed, these areas can be sized differently, but the aspect ratio of the original will remain. (Found in Thumbnail Crop as well.)
    • Lock Aspect Ratio: Unchecking this box will allow for a different aspect ratio than what was selected in the drop down box. (Found in Thumbnail Crop as well.)
  • Thumbnail Crop: Nearly identical in function to the main image crop, the thumbnail crop allows for a selected region to be highlighted to act as the primary image thumbnail. To create the cropped thumbnail, select the crop-area. If you want the image resized to a specific dimension, check Resize Thumbnail and edit the size accordingly. Once you are satisified with the crop area and the options, click on the Create Thumbnail button.
  • Rotate: This tab allows three seperate methods of rotating. 1. Rotate Clockwise 90° (Turn Right), 2. Counter-Clockwise 90° (Left Turn) or 3. 180° (Flip). Clicking any of these buttons will rotate the original button. Do not repeatedly rotate the images as this will gradually degrade image quality.
  • Resize: This tab allows the for a longest-side resize of an original image. Simply input the desired dimensions and the image will be sized down to fit. Note, if the image is smaller in any one dimension that which was entered, it will not be sized up to fit, but rather, sized down in proportion with the longest side. If the image is entirely smaller than the dimensions entered, it will not be resized.
  • Watermark: This tab allows the for insert an watermark image onto the original image. Select the PNG watermark from then insert the relative position of watermark. The value of image and position are stored on txp_prefs table.
  • Backup: This tab allows for the backing-up of an image into a backup folder located within your image directory. When active, uno button are displayed. The Backup will immediately copy the associated image to the backup directory and overwrite any identically named file. If Backup image exist Restore button will show. Clicking Restore will copy that image back to the main image directory but will still maintain the copied file in this location.


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